As a reliable partner to OEM forging parts for automobile and full system suppliers, AL Forge offers expertise for products in engines, chassis, transmission, driveline, steering, and suspension units in two-wheelers, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles.

The automotive industry is in a period of transition and AL Forge, with its technological breakthroughs in the field of warm and cold forging process, hot forging process, has been constantly able to support its automotive customers with high-quality OEM forging parts in light-weighting and helping them meet stringent environmental norms and improving fuel economy.

As an automotive forgings company with extensive experience, AL Forge delivers solutions - quickly, economically and efficiently - right from drawing through to full-scale production. We are engaged in R&D and new product development programs for our customers in an environment of fast-changing technologies and vehicle platforms. Our key account management teams work very closely with all the customers to develop a clear understanding of their requirements and deliver optimum solutions accurately engineered to all specifications.

In automotive and truck applications, forged components are commonly found at points of shock and stress. Cars and trucks may contain more than 250 forgings, most of which are produced from carbon or alloy steel. Forged engine and powertrain components include connecting rods, crankshafts, transmission shafts and gears, differential gears, drive shafts, clutch hubs, and universal joint yokes and crosses. Forged camshafts, pinions, gears, and rocker arms offer ease of selective hardening as well as strength. Wheel spindles, kingpins, axle beams and shafts, torsion bars, ball studs, idler arms, pitman arms, steering arms, and linkages for passenger cars, buses, and trucks typify applications requiring extra strength and toughness. For more OEM forging parts, welcome to contact us for assistance!